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UVCase is an essential tool in protecting yourself against the harmful invisible germs and bacteria lurking on all the everyday objects you touch at home or outside. By simply closing the lid, a high-energy beam of UVC (ultraviolet C) light is emitted from the specialized LEDs, effectively sanitizing surfaces without the use of chemicals. In 30 seconds, UVC light can kill up to 99.9% of germs that get in its way.


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    Read included instructions carefully before use.
    • Portable – can fit in a purse or small bag
    • Simple to use
    • Fits all phone sizes 
    • Equipped with a safety switch
    • Chemical-free sanitization
    • Eco-friendly alternative to disposable wipes
    • Mercury-free
    • No warmup time

    Package Contains:

    • 1 x Phone Sterilizer
    • 1 x USB Cable

    Product Specs

    • Color: White
    • Voltage: 5V
    • MAX Power: 5W
    • UVC Wave Length: 254nm
    • Working Temperature: 0-55℃
    • Power Supply: USB Charging
    • Item Size: Approx. 20 * 12 * 3.8cm / 7.9 * 4.7 * 1.5inch
    • Package Weight: Approx. 514g

    Common Questions About the UVCase

    • Does this kill the coronavirus?

    Please be aware that this product is not proven to kill the coronavirus. The UV Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs, but we do not currently have a way to test its effectiveness against COVID-19 yet. We recommend following the CDC's guidelines for virus protection and prevention.

    • How long is the disinfecting cycle?

     The disinfection cycle will run for 6 minutes and then automatically shut off.

    • Is the UV light harmful to people and skin?

    No, our UV bulb uses germicidal UV-C technology which is completely safe. The UVCase will also not operate when the lid is open and automatically turn off once the disinfecting cycle is over.


    • How often do I have to replace the bulb?

     The UV-C bulb in our UVCase is extremely energy efficient and designed to not have to be replaced. We've seen bulbs work for over a year! 

    • What can I fit inside the UVCase?

    The UVCase measures approximately 8in (120cm) in length, 5in (12cm) in width, and 1.5 inches (3.8cm) in depth. 

    This size allows it fit all smart phones and a lot of other common everyday objects!

    Common Questions About Your Order

    • Has my order been received?

    During checkout we ask our customers to provide us with their email or a phone number. Once an order is confirmed on our system, we immediately send an order confirmation email/text.

    • How long is you shipping time?

    Our fulfillment process takes between 3-5 business days and then actual shipping times vary by country. Typically within the US shipping times are between 7-12 days and Internationally between 14-18 days

    *NOTE: Due to the current pandemic, we are noticing longer delays in shipping and fulfillment. If you have any questions about your order please reach out to us at

    • My UVCase arrived broken. Do you offer replacements?

    We thoroughly perform quality control on all of our products before shipping. However in the event a case arrives broken or defective then please contact us within 14 days and we will provide you with a new one!

    • What is your return policy?

    We offer a 30 day Limited Warranty on all UVCase orders! 

    You can read more about our return policy here:

    • How do I cancel my order?

    If you would like to cancel your order then all you have to do is contact us at and we'll help you with the cancellation policy.

     Do note we can not issue cancellations of products that have already been shipped.


    For any other questions please contact us at and we'll get back to you within 48 hours!




    How to Use

    Open, Place, Disinfect

    1) Open the lid

    2) Place your whatever you want to disinfect inside

    3) Close it shut, sit back and let the sterilizing beam of UVC light go to work on all the invisible pathogens.

    Try UVCase Risk Free for 30 Days!

    If UVCase doesn’t work for your belongings, or if you are not satisfied for any
    reason, return UVCase within 30 days and we’ll issue a full refund.