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Just received. Just in time. Seem to work well. Happy that it fits my large phone. Adds another layer of security against bacteria and virus.

More than what is advertised plus the versatility of the device is more than just a cell phone - car keys, glasses, pens, chalk just to mention a few. My wife says she can feel the difference. And she's right!

This phone sanitizer works great. Once it is charged, it can sanitize your phone, headphones and lots more. Especially during this germy season, it pays to have something that can sanitize your devices.

Fits All Phones

The UVCase is big enough to sanitize even the largest smartphones on the market.

Sanitize Safely

The UV-C lights inside UVCase kill 99.9% of germs without harmful heat, liquids or chemicals.

Free Worldwide Shipping

All orders are shipped from the US and come with 30 day warranty.

The Average Phone Has Over 25 Thousand Different Bacteria

Your phone is 18x dirtier and contains more harmful bacteria than a public toilet.

We wash our hands but we never wash our smartphones and other belongings. We forget whatever our hands touch we pass on to these objects which are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

We store our phones in warm places which helps the bacteria grow, and then transfer that bacteria to anything we touch - like food, our skin, or anyone we come in contact with.

Kills Cold & Flu Viruses

UVCase uses UVC technology to kill 99.9% of the germs and bacteria on the surface of your phone.

The reason we get sick is due to the spreading of harmful bacteria. Our phones and other belongings are a hotspot for breeding germs, especially the kind that will make you sick.

With lightbulbs on both the top and the bottom, the UVCase achieves 360-degree disinfection, reaching tiny crevices that not even harmful liquids can.

The unit will automatically shut off once finished disinfecting AND whenever the lid is open so you never have to worry about the device overheating.

If It Fits, It Disinfects

The UVCase is large enough to fit all phone sizes in the market, but it doesn't stop just there.

Our customer's have disinfected toys, makeupbrushes, cloth maks, headphones and so much more!